Poofy Cheeks: Loads of Fun! {My Laundry Room}

July 5, 2011

Loads of Fun! {My Laundry Room}

My laundry room is loads of fun! Really it is!
With a deep clean and the help of my Cricut – I made my laundry room a happy place. Since I do spend so much time there it is only right to make it happy! This was a quick little spruce up which I wasn’t planning to do. If I had a whole bunch of time I would love to give my laundry room a coat of bright paint – but that won’t be happening any time soon!
So here was my boring frumpy laundry room Sunday morning…

YUCK! This floor hasn’t seen the light of day (or a broom) in quite some time! Wyatt was so excited to find his long lost bouncy ball!

Here is the AFTER

Come on in friends!
The dryer…

The washer…
The wall…
and the finishing touches!

Now I’m happy doing laundry – one load at a time! My husband says it looks like a VW bug gone wrong! LOL!
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  1. very cute! It's fun to sprice up the laundry room. I did the same thing recently.


  2. I like your laundry room make over. It would be fun to have an actual room dedicated to laundry, but right now it's just a corner of our unfinished basement. Some day! {sign} Thanks for the great ideas!

  3. Very Nice. I like the tips jar, and pocket finds pail, I think I will have to use that idea.

  4. Super fun way to spruce up a room!

  5. i love all the vinyl cutouts! it looks great! i would definitlely love to do laundry in there now ;)

  6. Dirty clothes no more. You're laundry room is like mine. More of a through way. Come see a pair of hot pink deer antlers!

  7. What a cute idea to spruce up a not-so-fun room! I love it.


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