Poofy Cheeks: Chip Dip!

July 13, 2011

Chip Dip!

I L-O-V-E tortilla chips and dip! I love hot salsa, mild salsa, queso, and guacamole. I actually L-O-V-E ALL Mexican food. Anyways a little off subject… back to the dip.

My mom makes an awesome cheese dip and it is SO simple! I think I may have even seen a variation of this dip on the Velveeta box?


You Need:

  • 1 pound Velveeta cheese
  • 1 can of Rotel
  • 1 can of Chili No Beans (optional)
  • Chips for dipping

Put cheese, Rotel, and chili no beans in a saucepan on medium/low heat. Stir occasionally until cheese has completely melted. Then pour into mini crock pot, keep the dip over the burner on lowest setting, or lap it up right away!


Let‘s be honest here – I prefer the dip without the Chili No Beans. There is something about canned meat that just gives me the heebie jeebies?!? I seriously like the taste better without it too!

If you have any dip recipes I would love to get my hands on them!






  1. I am now convinced that you and I finding each other is not coincidental... I LOVE QUESO!!! One of the worst things about living in Louisiana is that everyone here thinks queso is made with white cheese. Can you believe it?? Queso is yellow! That bright, processed-food-yellow! Now I want a big bowl of it for lunch! :)

  2. Mmmmmm...that sounds so good!
    I love me some delicious dip and chips :)

  3. Send your husband away for a weekend and do a game room makeover!

  4. This looks so delicious! If my roommates and I weren't all trying to slim down, we'd all be eating this tonight! I'm sure there's a celebration soon we can give in a little. I can't wait!


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