Poofy Cheeks: Weekend Wrap Up!

April 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

Friday started out by me calling out to work because Wyatt had a temperature of 102. It lasted all day Friday and into Saturday. I hate that feeling that comes over you when your child is truly sick and you feel so helpless. All I could do was snuggle with him, give him cool baths,  and take advantage of the sweet, loving boy that shines through when he is sick. He kept telling me I was his best friend ever and that he loved me :)

Saturday I went to work, and put some buffalo chicken on before I left. When I got home we had some friends over for dinner with their new baby boy, Raylan. He is seven weeks old and so tiny and precious.

The boys and I took our turn holding baby Raylan. I thought when you held other people’s babies it was supposed to give you your fix, but it just made me want another little baby around our house.

The boys were so good with Raylan…. well for the most part. We had to get on them a few times when they were getting rowdy around the baby. The picture below just melts me though….

Then the boys got some daddy time.

Sunday we were supposed to go to church and have family day, but Mike got an opportunity to go to Miami and make some extra money. Wyatt, Mason, and I found plenty to do around the house while he was away.

We started the day out by taking a trip to Michael’s where I got some supplies to make a few pairs of earrings. I found the flowers on clearance for $0.79!

Then we came home and made sugar cookie dough. Lesson learned – don’t try to add flour when the mixer is still going! To think I held off on mopping the floors in fear the boys would make a mess. LOL!

I got a chance to finally finish one of the chairs I bought off of craigslist. One down and one to go. This is the before – I’ll be sharing the after later this week.

The last thing we did before heading inside for the day was water the garden. Not only am happy I started the garden because of the food it will put on the table, but it teaches the boys so much! Wyatt calls the pumpkin his baby pumpkin and makes sure it always gets a good drink of water.

Now back to Monday! I have a long list of things to do to prepare for Easter. We are having brunch at our house so I will be a busy lady – cleaning, cooking, shopping, stressing out!

Have a good Monday!

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