Poofy Cheeks: Weekend Wrap Up

April 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was crazy busy! I was finally feeling better, but I had so much laundry, house cleaning, homework, and ETSY orders to catch up on I couldn’t catch a break. My legs are literally aching because I don’t think I sat down once today. Overall it was a productive weekend with lovely Florida weather.

First things first! – I am WAYYYY behind on my Project Simplify Pantry Organizing. Here are the BEFORE pictures.

BEFORE: Bottom half

Before: Top half

BEFORE: Zooming in on the mess (TARGET AREA!)

AFTER: Bottom half

AFTER: Top half

AFTER: Middle

Honestly – I feel like it doesn’t look more organized than it was, but I did have a method to my madness. I through out a a couple grocery bags full of stale cereal, stale crackers, and open packets of randomness. I then organized all the bread, rice, pasta near each other. The basket has all of the packets of kool-aid, taco seasoning, and fruit snacks in it.

Thank you Tsh from Project Simplify for helping me add a lot more items to my garage sale pile. Now I just need to find the motivation to HAVE the garage sale. I’m thinking the first weekend in May sounds like the perfect time.

In other weekend news – I have quite a few new items in my ETSY shop.

Pineapple Fruity-Licious Soapsicle

Pineapple Soapsicles

Berry Blend Berry-Licious Soapsicle

Berry Blend Soapsicles

Mango Fruity-Licious Soapsicle

Mango Soapsicles

Personalized Child's Water Bottles - with polka dots

Personalized Polka Dot Waterbottles

White Steel Bucket with Personalization and Polka Dots

Large Personalized Polka Dot bucket

Personalized Silverwear Caddy - White with your choice of vinyl

and the silverwear caddy is back!

Enough about me – lets talk about the F-U-N we had.

On Friday the boys got to go swimming in the sprinkler in this 90 degree Florida sun. Whewwee was it hot out! I grabbed a slushy, a magazine, and a chair while they cooled off in the water. I tried to get some sun on my white tummy – but the sprinkler was short lived. After all, it was HOT outside.

Hold the phone! Mason went peepee in the potty! Little brother wants to be like big brother! It will be a glorious day when I no longer have to buy diapers.

Saturday morning the boys and I went to the local Farmer’s Market with my dad (AKA Poppy). I never knew what kind of great deals they had. I will be going back for sure! I mean who can pass up 25 cent green peppers, jalapeno peppers at $1 a pound, beefsteak tomatoes for 50 cents a piece, and 6 lemons for $1!! I had been meaning to go for weeks, but I could never drag myself out of bed early enough. Shame on me!

Do you see how big those babies are? They made excellent jalapeno poppers!

Recipe to come later this week :)

Today the boys and I took a drive by the local Goodwill and snatched up a few finds for a total of $3.50. I got two decorative items and a jar to add to Mike’s collection.

Then while driving back home I saw that the neighbor down the street had a bird bath out by the road. Orange is certainly not my color, but I’m going to clean it up, give it a coat of spray paint, and plant some flowers in it. I don’t like cleaning up bird poop – so I’ll repurpose it into a planter.

Hope everyone's weekend was filled with fun.


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