Poofy Cheeks: Weekend Wrap Up – Easter Style

April 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up – Easter Style

This weekend was CRAZY! We hosted Easter brunch at our house. Mike had to work this weekend, so I was super busy cleaning, cooking, and taking breaks for Easter festivities.

Friday I woke up and didn’t stop until bedtime. Saturday we woke up and went to a local Easter Egg Hunt. They had a hunt for 1-3 year olds, so I helped Mason and my mom helped Wyatt.

Here Mason is telling me his strategy. Make your way to the middle!

If it gets rough out there put your bucket over your head for protection! (Not really – he is only two!)

Here is my mom – she is telling Wyatt that he has to stop trying to get the eggs until they say GO. He kept trying to sneak under the ropes.

Then after the hunt we were going to get pictures with the bunny… but the line was a tad to long for our patience level, so we posed near him instead :)

After that we went across the street to the farmer’s market to get some last minute things for Easter brunch. Then we headed home to finish our long list of things to do.

This morning we woke up to see what the Easter bunny had brought to the boys. Yes – Wyatt is wearing the same shirt from the day before. He conked out at 7:30 and who was I to wake him up? If my mom taught me anything – it was to NEVER wake a sleeping child.

Wyatt looked at all the stuff and said, ‘Where is the Thomas stuff he was bringin’ me?’

There is the Thomas coloring book. Phew! The bunny almost failed.

Chocolate by 8am.

Coloring books by 8:30.

Oh and then top it all off with a sword fight before bath time! I love the action in this picture :)

By the time the boys and I took baths and got dressed, it was time for our family to start arriving for brunch. After brunch came another Egg Hunt! They really made out at this one – raking in 60+ eggs each!

When everyone left I tried to clean up, but I am just plain worn out! No matter what I do I keep finding stray jellybeans and pieces of fake Easter grass. Now that Easter is over it is time to plan for Mother’s Day and then DISNEY!

Happy Easter!

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