Poofy Cheeks: Under the Weather

April 4, 2011

Under the Weather

This momma is just stopping in to say  - I’m under the weather. I worked all weekend and it hit me last night right before bedtime. I woke up this morning feeling okay, but by 10:30 I found myself back in bed. Luckily the boys are behaving so I can rest. I got the errands done and stopped by the supermarket early this morning, but the dishes and laundry are just going to have to wait!

I promise to update everyone on my Week 4 of Project Simplify (my pantry)  tomorrow!

Here is a picture from last night. Daddy and Mason shaving their faces :) Mike uses the back of the razor on the boys and they feel so special and grown up! See the boo-boo on Mason’s eyebrow? He just can’t help himself from falling down and adding wounds to his beautiful face. This time the boys were chasing each other and jumping into a pile of pillows. Mason tripped and hit the window sill!

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