Poofy Cheeks: Week 3 of Project Simplify – Kids Clothes and Toys

March 26, 2011

Week 3 of Project Simplify – Kids Clothes and Toys

Project Simplify – Week 3

This was the perfect week for sorting and getting rid of kids clothes and toys. I have been preparing for a children’s consignment sale for about a month now. I don’t have any ‘before’ pictures because I already had gone through clothes and toys. However, I do have pictures of my truck all packed up with clothes and toys and their rooms today!

Clothes were in the front seat – and both of the boys are in the back there somewhere!

Not pictured – 2 strollers, lots of toys, an infant bouncer, shoes, socks, baby blankets, etc!

Not all of the items sold in the sale, so they are currently being stored in the garage. I’m planning a garage sale in a couple of weeks!

Here are the boys’ rooms now -



Jump over and see all of the participants who linked up to Project Simplify this week. I’m so thankful I decided to participate. It is like spring cleaning one week at a time!

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