Poofy Cheeks: Week 2 of Project Simplify – Paper Clutter

March 21, 2011

Week 2 of Project Simplify – Paper Clutter

Last week at Project Simplify the target zone was paper clutter. To be honest, I tackled a lot of our paper clutter a few weeks back. Yet, the mail still comes, the paper is always here on Sunday, and I have a real problem throwing out magazines. Needless to say, there was still plenty for me to do in regards to paper clutter.

I apologize for the exposure in some of the pictures. I took them at different times of the day!

BEFORE - Paper clutter on the counter along with library books.

AFTER – The paper clutter is in the trash. Our keys and library books have a new home.

BEFORE - My magazine/newspaper mess.

AFTER- I went through and clipped all of the ideas I wanted and threw out the magazines.

In the end – I had a trash bag full of paper clutter!

To minimize the clutter we get from now on – I created a mail bin from one of Mason’s diaper boxes. I just covered it in burlap and put a piece of chalk vinyl on it. Only important mail will go here – the rest is heading straight to the trash!!

Thanks to project simplify – my house is getting de-clutter-fied one week at a time!

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