Poofy Cheeks: Week 1 of Project Simplify {Wardrobe & Closet}

March 11, 2011

Week 1 of Project Simplify {Wardrobe & Closet}

After seeing that my blogger friend Kate from Starr Family was joining in on Project Simplify, I decided to join the fun! Project Simplify is hosted by Tsh from Simple Mom. Each week, for five weeks, she reveals a hot spot in need of organization. This week the hot spot was wardrobe and closet.

This was a hard one for me since most of the cluttery stuff in our closet is my husbands (I swear it is his! Not mine!). Another difficult thing about this project is that we have very little storage space in our house, so most things get stored in our closet! With that being said – here it goes!


The right side of the closet.

The left side of the closet.

That gray bag is Mike’s bag from our trip to Alabama (a month ago). I found it with clothes still in it! Luckily they were clean.



The right side of the closet.

The left side of the closet.

Now after cleaning up, I see that my husband has a lot of hats which need homes, and I have a lot of purses and bags. My solution is to make a trip over to Lowe’s this weekend for hooks. I’m going to hang my purses here…

and hats here…

In the end I have two trash bags full of clothes for Goodwill, and a bag full of trash. Hope to see you over at Project Simplify for week 2!


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