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March 25, 2011

Random Friday Favorites

Today on Favorite Friday I am showing you one of my new favorite websites, a phone app, a workout, and an Etsy shop!!

#1 - Pinterest is a website that has already sucked a couple hours from my life (even though I just joined a week or so ago). It is a way to bookmark pictures. I love it because I can bookmark craft ideas from other blogs and easily find them without having to go through text links I have saved to my favorites. The site even allows you to categorize your pictures. So far I have focused on Easter and party ideas!

You can follow my pins HERE!

#2Mike and I took the plunge and bought smart phones – we each got a Droid X. (I guess they are real smart because between then and now my email got hacked and a couple hundred emails were sent to people on my contact list.)

Anyways, I downloaded an app called My Fitness and it is great! In my venture to loose a few pounds before swimsuit season I got the app and use it almost everyday to keep track of my calories and workouts. When you first use the app it ask for your current weight, height, and activity level. Then you tell it your goal weight and it calculates the number of calories you should eat per day to achieve your goal. I haven’t really been extreme about it – but I have lost a couple of pounds and it really makes you realize what you consume each day!

Wait – I almost forgot the coolest part! You can scan barcodes on your food items and it will automatically populate the calories and other nutritional information for the item. Super cool!


#3 – I joined a gym at the beginning of the month and tried Zumba for the first time on Tuesday. I tell you what – it is SO much fun! I’m sure I looked like a total idiot since I didn’t know the moves and had to keep looking around to see what to do next, but I love music and dancing so it didn’t even seem like I was working out. Though I know I was because I was sweating like crazy!

The teacher was awesome too – she is a super beautiful latina chica with long dark beautiful hair and a body to die for. If that isn’t inspiring I don’t know what is. Maybe in a few months I can have her banging body and zumba moves too :) So you know where I will be from 11-12? ZUMBA!


#4 – The last of my Friday favorites is the Etsy shop Mommy Holly. I bought some tags from Holly back in September and I’m getting ready to order more. She had awesome customer service and quick shipping time! I just love her new Easter bunny tags and the ‘Handmade’ tag is my all time favorite. I’ll be ordering both of these for sure!

Brown Paper Tags - cute bunny silhouette

Brown Paper Tags - handmade birdies

LARGE pack of Brown Paper Tags - knife fork spoon

You may remember that I used one of her ‘handmade’ tags HERE during my gifts in a jar post.

What are some of your favorite things?? I’d love to know!

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