Poofy Cheeks: My Weekend Trunk Redo

March 14, 2011

My Weekend Trunk Redo

My husband gets his hair cut every two weeks. I love to go along because there is a Habitat for Humanity shop right across the street. He gets his hair cut and I find a weekend redo project. So, on Friday I found an old trunk. It was actually there last time I went, and I left without it because I wasn’t sure what I could do with it. This week I walked in and it was right up front calling my name. I snagged it for $15.

As you can see it was pretty beat up. One of the stickers on the side said ‘1977’ so it has seen better days. I sprayed it down with goo gone (which didn’t do much) and then lightly sanded it all over.

Then I decided to use some of the leftover paint from my Bathroom Redo project to paint the trunk. It is a blue/mint sort of color.

After painting the trunk it looked to clean and fresh. It needed a little character, so I took some stain Mike had in the garage and applied it around the edges. Then I quickly wiped it off with an old t-shirt for a subtle look.

I’m pleased with it! In the end I purchased some polycrylic for $8.50, so the whole project cost less than $25. Originally I was thinking of turning it into a coffee table, but I think it is too small. I guess I’ll test it in a few different places until it finds a home. The best part is that it would make great toy or blanket storage!



  1. Thats adorable, I like when colors are used instead of the same old stuff..:+)

  2. I was thinking of painting my trunk this same color!
    Love how yours turned out! wanted to use mine as a bench.

  3. very cute! I would add some "leather" strapping... it would be extremely cute also in a beach house.. I had a trunk, actually I had two, the black kind with silver trim... I used one set regular for a coffee table, and the other I put on its side as a side table.. everyone complimented my style... good job! :)

  4. I love this! I have a trunk that I've been wanting to redo, but wasn't sure how it would come out. Yours looks so good I'm inspired to do mine!

  5. I have a trunk that looks like is made of the same material as yours. Did you use a certain kind of paint to paint it? I kinda think if I used just any paint, it would peel. But I'm not sure! :)

  6. Great job! I can't believe you snagged this at only $15!!! Our community has wised up to the up-cycling crafters around here... most trunks go for $50 around here! I've got a question: how did you avoid painting all the gold accents and all metal parts of the trunk? Did you tape them off? I have a trunk similar to this and want to paint it white, but would love to leave the rusted gold for some character.


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