Poofy Cheeks: My Smore Brownie Adventure

March 3, 2011

My Smore Brownie Adventure

Last week I saw a S’Mores brownie recipe at The Recipe Girl. So, when I made my weekly grocery trip I picked up the ingredients. Since The Recipe Girl recipe called for homemade brownie mix, I decided to substitute it for a boxed brownie mix. (I like to take the semi-homemade approach when it comes to dessert!) The end result was delicious – but how I got there was quite an adventure. Did I mention I made them after my first day back at the gym? LOL!

First – Mason is entering his terrible twos and has been quite a bear lately! In order to entertain him I let him lick the spatula from the brownie mix. It ended with a chocolate mess!

Then the time came to add the marshmallows to the top of the brownies and pop it into the broiler. I didn’t read the final instruction too well.

I started cleaning up my mess (4 minutes go by) and then noticed a fire a FIRE A FIRE in the oven! What to do? I started fanning it with the oven mitt. That wasn’t working – so I headed for a glass of water to throw on it. Suddenly I came to my senses and pulled the rack out to get the brownies out from under the broiler. I then fanned it with the mitts and all the flames went out.

(sorry the picture quality isn’t great – I just had a fire in my oven! Oh and I burned the brownies!!!!!!)

This reminded me of my real smores! I actually kind of like burned marshmallows. Though, it wasn’t the taste I was going for. I decided to pick off the marshmallows and try it again! I’m so happy I didn’t just pitch them. The second time around I stood next to the oven the whole time until they were just right.

Don’t they look delicious? They were! Well at least I thought so. Wyatt and Mason were literally crying because they had marshmallows stuck in between their fingers and all over their hands. Wyatt cried for me to take off the marshmallows. Mason wound up getting marshmallow all over and in his hair!

Mike hasn’t had one yet – I wonder if I’m in for more adventure?

**In no way am I knocking this recipe! It was pure chocolate bliss! Go grab the recipe here at The Recipe Girl and READ THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY!

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