Poofy Cheeks: Spontaneous Alabama Road Trip

February 13, 2011

Spontaneous Alabama Road Trip

My husband planned a day long road trip to Alabama about a month ago. He has wanted a specific gun for years now and finally was able to buy it. A few weeks ago his friend volunteered to take the trip with him. Twelve hours before they were supposed to leave his friend told him he couldn’t go. What did this mean? Me – his oh so loving wife – told him that I knew how much the trip meant to him and I would go with. What else did this mean? We were taking a 16 hour road trip with our two toddler sons and wouldn’t be able to make the trip in one day… for our sanities sake! Oh - and I had to find someone to cover my shift on Thursday. SPONTANEOUS!


We left on Wednesday morning and we got back Thursday night. Super quick trip but we got to see a lot… a high speed pursuit on the interstate, a couple of car crashes (I pray everyone was okay), lots of billboards through Georgia (because I swear they have them every 10 feet). Wait that isn’t cool! But big hills in Alabama, the Georgia aquarium, downtown Valdosta, Georgia, beautiful sunrises and sunsets made this trip great!


We were able to take our road trip and turn it into more. The boys were surprisingly very good! Mike and I took turns driving there. We went straight to Alabama and then an hour back to Atlanta. I’ve wanted to go to the Georgia Aquarium for EVER, so we stopped there and spent a few hours. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! We then drove late into the night to get to Valdosta, Georgia. Mike’s family lives only 30 minutes from Valdosta, so we planned to meet up with them the next morning. We got to the hotel room and passed out… literally! 12 hours of driving, and a trip to the aquarium with two toddlers does that to you!


The trip was an overall success. We decided on a color for our living room, our kids were quite well behaved, we got to go to the aquarium, see family, oh and we got the guns (the whole reason we went in the first place)!

What spontaneous stuff have you done lately?

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