Poofy Cheeks: Living Room {Before!}

February 18, 2011

Living Room {Before!}

This is the living room BEFORE. Before what? I haven’t done anything to it yet! Never fear Wonder Woman is here and this living room is getting a makeover! Over the next few weeks our living room is going to be transformed from big, open, and white to a cozy room. I’ll admit – there is too much white on the walls and floor. Then all of the furniture, rug, curtains, and wood are brown. The room needs color, personalization, and some new furnishings.

Here is the inspiration palette I made-

I have the couch, the star wall hanging, chocolate brown curtains, and the polka dot Amy Butler fabric. Now I just need to gather up paint, a new entertainment center, some sheer curtains, accessories, and a couple accent chairs. You will find me at Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Goodwill, and Target! I’m determined!

Now I know your dying to see just how bad my living room looks. So here are the pictures – never mind the underwear models!

Here is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door-my creative corner. I actually like my corner, but the long open space is odd! I want to move my chocolate brown rug back here and place two accent chairs with a table or bookshelf.

I invite you further in… see what I mean? Large white room with lots of brown! Did I mention that my entertainment center is actually my dresser? When we moved into the this house our previous entertainment center was small and looked very odd in this huge room. We improvised… that was six months ago! I’m still running to the dresser for my socks, bras, and pajamas.

My plans are to paint the wall behind the TV a mustard yellow. Then my plans (for the hubby) are to mount the TV to the wall and replace my dresser with a new entertainment console lower to the floor. I think this will draw things in and make them feel more cozy. The floor lamp will be replaced and the frame on left will be moved to another room or the hallway.

I’m envisioning something like this (but less modern, no black, and more color) on the TV wall – photo via Colour Me Happy.

Now you will see what makes this space so difficult to work with… it is just SO open!! Don’t get me wrong – I love feeling like a part of the family even when I’m in the kitchen, but making my living room feel cozy is going to be a REAL challenge!

Any words of wisdom about what I should do in this darn living room of mine would be greatly appreciated! I will be starting this project next week and hope to have everything done by April (or before!). I hope you’ll join me in the adventure.

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