Poofy Cheeks: A Few of My Addictions

February 18, 2011

A Few of My Addictions

So there are quite a few things I am currently addicted to! I think they are all healthy addictions – I try to limit my usage/consumption of these items.

#1 – I just upgraded from my old frumpy, dumpy, simple, didn’t work half the time phone! I got the new Droid X and I can’t figure the darn thing out love that I always have the internet at my fingertips.

#2 – My new camera – Canon Rebel XS! I didn’t expect to learn how to use it over night – but the process is slow. I tried reading tips and tricks from other bloggers, I read the manual, but I think I just need to do trial and error. There has been a lot of error and then a few surprisingly awesome pictures! At least I think so!

#3 – Cupcakes. I know cupcakes are all the rave. They are sort of like this fad – but even before it was cool to own a cupcake bakery, watch cupcake wars, or decorate your kitchen in a cupcake theme – I was baking cupcakes. No, not homemade cupcakes, the cupcakes from the box. A specific cupcake – the confetti cake cupcakes. I have made them for years with a special frosting. No, not homemade frosting, Betty Crocker butter cream from the tub! I love to make them with the jumbo cupcake liners and then take the finished product to family, co-workers, but most importantly I leave a few just for me! When do I eat my cupcakes? Usually for breakfast – sort of like a pastry! Here is my philosophy – if I eat sweets first thing then I have all day to work off the calories!

These are my addictions! What are yours?

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