Poofy Cheeks: {Everyday is a Celebration!}

February 16, 2011

{Everyday is a Celebration!}


I have been trying to think of a blog that would focus on holidays and celebrations. I have been brainstorming the posts and searching for inspiration. The only thing I needed was a blog title. I just couldn’t think of the perfect title. I was sitting on the couch this morning and it hit me! Everyday is a Celebration! I jumped up and headed for the computer. Eight hours later I had created the blog, a few buttons, a banner, and had written a few posts.

My goal is to use this blog to highlight other bloggers and their celebration crafts and recipes. I LOVE every holiday, birthdays, wedding, and baby showers. Most bring tears to my eyes as they are such joyous occasions. There is nothing like walking into a house that is decorated to the hills!

Since I just missed Valentine’s Day I am going to start out by focusing on St. Patrick’s Day, baby showers, and birthdays. I hope you’ll join me on my new journey tomorrow!

Here is a sneak peak at what will be featured on Everyday is a Celebration tomorrow!

Vintage Inspired Announcement by ??? (You’ll have to hop over and find out!)

Baby Initial Tutorial by ??? (You’ll have to hop over and find out!)

Birthday Wreath by ??? (You’ll have to hop over and find out!)

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