November 30, 2010

Family Pictures are HERE!

I am in love - absolute love with our pictures! The CD came in the mail today and I couldn’t wait to pop it in the computer! We got our family pictures taken by Sara Purdy and she is AMAZING! If you live in the area you should give her a shout!

Now I am off to find templates for our Christmas cards. I didn’t send any Christmas cards last year {shame on me!}, but I am so excited to send them this year!

Oh how I love those three boys! Thank you Sara for catching such great moments in your pictures!

Now off to shutterfly to pick out a Christmas photo card! Yipee!


Theme of the Week Shabby Chic Country Christmas

Big announcement – I have decided to do a Christmas countdown. I have the first week planned out and I am seeing a lot of new craft how-tos in the future! How-to ornaments, upcycled tin cans, gift tags, and more! See you tomorrow for day #1!

I made a Christmas treasury this week on ETSY. I miss doing my ‘Theme of the Week’ posts, so I am starting them back up. This week my Theme is Shabby Chic Country Christmas.

I love all of these items!

Reindeer Tracks - Set of 3 Ornaments - Woodburning

Reindeer Track Ornaments by TwigsandBlossoms

Rustic Green Patchwork Christmas Tree

Patchwork Christmas Trees by VintageGreenLimited

FREE SHIPPING . sugared pinecones . four glass-glittered natural pinecone ornaments

Sugared Pinecone Ornaments by KatesCottage2

Sweet Fabric Wreath - Vintage Holiday Greetings

Sweet Fabric Wreath by JaneJoss


Enjoy the day! -Kelsey

November 29, 2010

Half Lit String of Lights

Can you relate to my frustration? I want to march right into the store and raise my voice, through a fit, kick my feet, and just have a three year old temper tantrum!

When I pulled out my Christmas decorations this year I tested all the strings of lights. If the string didn’t work it went in the trash. I just didn’t want to mess with them this year. It is so tedious… take on out put a new one in and so on. So, I decided since some of the lights for our tree didn’t work, I would buy the twinkling lights. How I adore the twinkling lights!

Well I bought the twinkling lights a week ago, and we just bought our tree yesterday (a real one) and it is bigger than the last few we have had. With our super high ceilings we needed a taller tree or it was going to look funny! When I left for work last night I gave Mike the task of putting the lights on the tree. Low and behold Mike called me at work and said… ‘Uh we need at least three more strings of lights.’ So this morning the boys and I woke up early to go to Target 10  long minutes from the house and get more lights. Well when I got home we went to put on the rest of the lights and then decorate the tree as a family. WRONG! Half the gosh darn string of lights won’t light!

Now I have to drive back to Target and exchange the lights. I am half tempted to make them test the lights before I leave the store!

Best of Luck with your lights! -Kelsey

November 28, 2010

This Makes My Day!

A little over a month ago I sponsored a giveaway over at Sampler Village. The winner of the necklace was Deanna over at Deanna Time. She got to pick what would be stamped into the necklace and she choose 'xoxoxo'. I loved this idea when she sent it over.

This morning I opened my email to find this...

A picture of Deanna with her 'xoxoxo' necklace. Along with this note...

"Got my xoxoxo necklace and totally love it!"

It is the feedback like this that really inspires me to keep creating! She made my day!

Tomorrow I will be listing an 'xoxo' necklace in my shop. This would be perfect for an aunt, mom, or sister. Use my cyber Monday coupon code tomorrow and receieve 15% off this necklace or anything else in my shop. Coupon code is 'CMPoofy'

Happy Shopping! -Kelsey

November 19, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Wyatt and Mason have been sick for the past week. Mason started off with a fever last week because his molars were coming in. After they broke skin and he was still SO irritable I took him to the doctor. He has an ear infection. Wyatt has been all sorts of sick. He woke up a couple of nights in a row with a fever, congestion, and even throwing up. They are on meds now and I hope they feel better soon!!
Did I mention that in the past week it has been decided that Thanksgiving dinner will be at my house? WHAT? I’m working an AM shift, my mom is on call, my sister is going away with her boyfriend’s family, and my husband is working a PM shift, and some of my parent’s friends are coming over. Double WHAT? We decided it would be easier on the boys since all of their toys are here and it is going to be a rushed dinner. So, my dad will be coming to watch the boys in the morning and then he will heat up all of the food my mom is making ahead of time. Then he is going to deep fry my turkey. Go dad – way to save Turkey Day! Cheer me on as I deep clean my house!
As promised here is Mason’s bedroom redo pictures. I think I am done painting and redoing (is that a word?) for a while. It is exhausting!





Did I mention that the only things I bought for Mason’s bedroom were a quart of paint at $10 and new bedding (which I LOVE) on clearance at Target for $15? I had the rest of it! The rug was folded up in the closet and the road signs and license plates came with my husband. They were hanging in our entryway when we moved into our first apartment together. They look MUCH better here!
I’ll be away until after Thanksgiving! Enjoy the holiday and don’t eat too much turkey or pumpkin pie!

November 14, 2010

The Bathroom Redo Part 1

Well… the weekend is almost through and this is what I have done to the bathroom so far. Like the stripes?

There is more to come as far as the bathroom redo is concerned. I will be sharing Mason’s bedroom redo later this week. It has been a busy month of painting!

November 13, 2010

My Master Bath Needs some TLC

How is it that my master bath and bedroom has become the home to all of the unwanted mix-matched furniture in our house? I think it is time to give my master bathroom a little TLC! I want a relaxing country style bathroom with candles and a bit of romance. It is time to take the fisher price boat and Mr. Bubbles back where they belong! Back to the boys’ bathroom they will go! I have been searching for some inspiration and here is what I have found…

white table final

Brass transformed to Class by Centsational Girl

bathroom with white fixtures and pale yellow walls

Bathroom from Southern Living – I love this wall color!


I am obsessed with the idea of apothecary jars for q-tips and cotton balls.

Mason jar soap dispenser how-to from Heather Bullard

Did I mention that my husband collects Mason jars? He will love the transformation. Now to get my dad to help me make the soap dispenser…

Soak Your Cares Away - Bathroom decal

Love the vinyl by Edith & Elizabeth

Checkolite International Aurora Leopard Murano Style Pendant

Love this lighting from Lowe’s.

I’m so excited that I just want to jump up and go looking for stuff NOW! Check back next week to see the before and after pictures. You know where I’ll be this weekend!


November 10, 2010

My New Obsession is Chalkboard Paint

I came across this wonderful product…

Spray Paint'

and now I am absolutely obsessed. I just want to whip it out and start spraying everything. I’ve been trying to control the urge but then I also got some of these chalk markers today and they are fueling the fire!

Chalk Ink Wet Wipe Markers - COMMERCIAL 4-PACK

I’ve been thinking about how to add labels to the toy storage bins I have for the boys. I guess I am a little OCD and I get a bit annoyed when the toys aren’t properly organized. I was telling this to my friend Candice when she suggested buying mini chalk boards. Then the wheels started turning! Did she say chalkboard? She didn’t even know my about my new found obsession!

Here is the before picture.

and here is the after!

All you need are round wooden medallions which they sell at Hobby Lobby and Michaels for less than a dollar. Spray paint them with your chalkboard paint and then apply them to the storage bins with hot glue. I wrote on mine using the chalk markers. Another plus is that the chalk doesn’t rub off like normal chalk, you have to wipe it with a wet cloth so the boys aren’t going to smudge the words!


I have a lot more ideas up my sleeve for Mr. Chalkboard paint! Here are some really cool ideas I found on other blogs.

chalkboard view 2

Mirror turned chalkboard from Marsha Mpressions

Chalkboard Flower Pots by Plaid Kids Crafts

Chalkboard Containers – PB Knockoff – by The Country Chic Cottage

Chalkboard Accessories by This Blessed Nest

Do you have any chalkboard paint ideas? Do share! I’m sure I’ll be sharing more of mine soon! Like I said I’m O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D!!


November 8, 2010

How To Sew an Envelope Pillow Case

My couch has a few throw pillows which have seen better days. The seam is starting to give in a few spots, and the boys have managed to give them some permanent stains. While sewing the Thomas the Train pillow case – I thought why not try another? I bought some Christmas fabric at JoAnne's a few weeks back and since it was getting down to the end of the bolt they gave me an extra discount on it. Of course I couldn’t pass it up and thought it would be perfect for the pillow. Please let me know if you get confused by my directions. It really is easy to do.. writing the directions was harder than sewing the pillow case!
  • I started out with this 16x16 inch pillow. To get the fabric size take the width of your pillow and add 2 inches (so mine was 18 inches). For the length take the length of your pillow times 2 and add 6 inches for the overlap (so mine was 16x2=34 then 34+6=40 inches) Now cut the fabric to the size you need.
  • Take your piece of fabric and lay it the wrong side up. Fold the edge of the shorter sides 1/4 inch and then again 1/4 inch to make a hem and iron.

  • After you have ironed both sides of the fabric take it to the sewing machine and top stitch the hem.
  • Now these next folds are critical to make the envelope opening. Lay your fabric out with the right side up. Take your measurements from earlier (mine were 16x16 so my fabric measured 18x40) and use them to find where to fold the fabric to create the envelope openings on the back. Take your original length and add 3 inches (mine is 16+3= 19 inches). That is where you will make the first fold. Fold from the top down. Then measure from the bottom up and make another fold. This is what you should have…

  • Now sew the raw edges using 1/2-1 inch seems (As you see I pinned the edges and then sewed).
  • Press and turn right side out. Then stuff your old throw pillow in and you have a brand new look for way less!

Now if Wyatt spills or that sippy cup leaks I can remove the cover and wash it! I can also make pillow cases for every season. Oh Joy!


November 6, 2010

Repurposed Glass Jars Made into Luminaries

Two years ago my first son Wyatt was eating baby food. It killed me to throw away the glass jars. I knew I could make something with them. As a child I watched my grandpa use glass jars to organize his shed and wood working supplies. He stored screws, nails, and other dew dads in them. He even had a shelf he made where he screwed the lids to the bottom and then twisted the jars on and off.
Then along came Christmas and I saw all of these wonderful painted quart sized mason jars. It gave me an idea for my own little luminaries. I took the baby food jars and made these cute snowmen luminaries which are the perfect size for a tea light. I even made some out of spaghetti jars for each person in my family with coal buttons and stick arms (using paint of course).

Snowman Luminaries from Baby Food Jars

All you need is some modge podge, white acrylic paint, black fabric paint, and some left over ribbon or yarn.

Here is how you make them--
  • You paint the jars with modge podge first. If you don’t then the paint will easily scratch off.
  • Then paint them with the acrylic paint. I used a vintage white for these to give them more of a primitive feel.
  • After that you use the black fabric paint to make dots for the eyes and mouth. The fabric paint gives it dimension.
  • Then I used my hot glue gun to put on an orange rhinestone for the nose. I hot glued decorative green yarn stuff around the top and tied a plaid ribbon for the finishing touches.
  • Add a tea light and it makes the perfect little gift for co-workers or decorations for your home.
Snowman Luminaries from baby food jars

This year I have been saving my cans from canned goods. Next week I’m going to show how you can make them into Christmas decorations too! I love repurposing things!

P.S. I just linked this up to Tatertots & Jello’s weekend wrap-up and I Love Naptime!

November 3, 2010

Bedroom Redo – Trains

I started with this blank canvas around 2pm on Monday.

By 2pm on Tuesday this was what I had.

Wyatt is getting a Train room!! In about 24 hours I accomplished a lot! Now I just need to go shopping for some more decor and bedding! I have some ETSY items on their way. I can’t wait to share the end result.
Some more before and afters…

I am pleased! So far the bedroom redo has only cost me $10. I bought a quart of blue paint and a round wood medallion to make the Railroad crossing sign.

November 2, 2010

October Recap

Last month was filled with fun! The boys had a great Halloween and now I have been left to clean up the wrappers. (candy wrappers that is!) We have taken the last two days to rest up from our busy  weekend. I wanted to share some pictures of our fun!

On Saturday we went trick or treating around town.

Here is Mason – the garden gnome! and…

Wyatt aka Thomas the Train. They were both adorable!

Saturday night we went to the local agricultural museum for a haunted hay ride and some Halloween carnival games. Then we headed home and watched Hocus Pocus. No Halloween is complete without watching Hocus Pocus at least once!

On Sunday we boarded a yacht for a brunch cruise. The yacht is owned by the company I work for, and they open it to the public for Sunday brunch and Sunday dinner. Next time we are leaving Mason at home though. Does his tongue give any clues away?

Sunday afternoon we went down the street to my parents house for birthday cake. My sister’s birthday is November 1st, and since everyone had to work on Monday – we celebrated Sunday.

Sunday night the in-laws came over and we went trick-or-treating.

The picture on the left is this year. The picture on the right was last year. I see a trend. Wyatt fell alseep on the way to go trick-or-treating both times! He is resting up before collecting candy! :)

Monday I was exhausted. We all were. I started in on a new project that I can’t wait to share with you!