December 12, 2010

DIY Ornament . Christmas Idea #11

Only 13 days until Christmas! Wyatt’s birthday is also on Christmas, so every day when we move the candy cane on our advent calendar I remind him that it is Christmas and his birthday once we get to the pocket with a #1. Wyatt will be three, but he is super smart… he went and got a chair so he could reach to put the candy cane in the #1 pocket and then said ‘Okay mommy, where are my presents?’

I know it is getting close to Christmas, so this ornament idea is really easy and one that the kids will enjoy!


  • Clear glass ornament
  • acrylic paint
  • something to let the paint drip into (I used an old baby food jar)

-Gather all of your materials and remove the top from the ornament.

-Squeeze the paint into the ornament. Gently tap the ornament on the palm of your hand to cover the inside of the ornament. You will have to do this several times if you want to cover the inside completely.

-Leave the ornament upside down in the jar to let the excess paint drain out and for the paint to dry.

-When it dries it will have streaks where the paint drained. To finish off my ornament I added a ribbon and a rhinestone sticker that I got at Michael’s in their dollar section!


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