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December 3, 2010

Santa Bucket

Did you check out the repurposed tin can Santas that I shared yesterday? If not they are HERE.

If you are like me – the most exciting part about Target is browsing through their dollar spot section near the entrance. I love to see what they have in there. Last week I found these red buckets for $2.50.

I already knew I was going to do the repurposed tin can Santas, so I decided to do the same thing with this guy. This is an easier version because you don’t have to paint anything!

What you need -
  • Red bucket
  • Black ribbon
  • Gold paper – (use your leftovers from the tin can santas – or it can be found at Michael’s)
  • Glue gun
Step #1 – Take your glue gun and run the black ribbon around the bucket.

Step #2- Cut out a rectangle from the gold paper. Make sure that the width of the rectangle is the same width of the ribbon. Use the glue gun to attach it in the center of the handles.

Your Done! Simply as that! I took an extra piece of garland I had and wrapped that around the bottom of the bucket, filled it with some pinecones from my yard, and am using it on my dining table.

Now I’m off to the store. This little family of mine is OUT of toilet paper. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY! LOL


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