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December 1, 2010

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

As a child we had an advent calendar that hung from our bunk beds. Every night we would move the mouse a pocket closer to Christmas. So, of course I needed to have something like this for my children. I love carrying on tradition and most of all creating it.

Being the girl that I am - {In love with everything at Pottery Barn but not wanting to pay their prices} – I decided to try to make a similar advent calendar to one that they have.

Here is the PB version…

and here is mine. Loads cheaper! It is all felt and I made it for less than $20.

Another thing I am doing this year is Christmas trivia tags. They are numbered 1-24 and each night we will read the trivia on the back of the tag. The boys won’t really enjoy this yet – but it will still be fun for Mike and I.

The free printable trivia tags are HERE.

Print out the tags as follows – Page 1 on front of Page 4, Page 2 on front of page 5, Page 3 on front of Page 6. This way they all match up. If you are like me and can’t get things to match up when you print on both sides, practice on regular printer paper before using cardstock.
After you get the tags printed and cut them out there is a spot marked for you to use the hole punch.

They will look like this…

Then I took some black chalk ink around the edges.

And hung them from garland.

Wahla – beautiful, inexpensive, easy countdown.

FIY- You can see how to make an easy garland like the one above over at The Starr Family blog by my bloggin’ buddy Kate!


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