Poofy Cheeks: Repurposed Glass Jars Made into Luminaries

November 6, 2010

Repurposed Glass Jars Made into Luminaries

Two years ago my first son Wyatt was eating baby food. It killed me to throw away the glass jars. I knew I could make something with them. As a child I watched my grandpa use glass jars to organize his shed and wood working supplies. He stored screws, nails, and other dew dads in them. He even had a shelf he made where he screwed the lids to the bottom and then twisted the jars on and off.
Then along came Christmas and I saw all of these wonderful painted quart sized mason jars. It gave me an idea for my own little luminaries. I took the baby food jars and made these cute snowmen luminaries which are the perfect size for a tea light. I even made some out of spaghetti jars for each person in my family with coal buttons and stick arms (using paint of course).

Snowman Luminaries from Baby Food Jars

All you need is some modge podge, white acrylic paint, black fabric paint, and some left over ribbon or yarn.

Here is how you make them--
  • You paint the jars with modge podge first. If you don’t then the paint will easily scratch off.
  • Then paint them with the acrylic paint. I used a vintage white for these to give them more of a primitive feel.
  • After that you use the black fabric paint to make dots for the eyes and mouth. The fabric paint gives it dimension.
  • Then I used my hot glue gun to put on an orange rhinestone for the nose. I hot glued decorative green yarn stuff around the top and tied a plaid ribbon for the finishing touches.
  • Add a tea light and it makes the perfect little gift for co-workers or decorations for your home.
Snowman Luminaries from baby food jars

This year I have been saving my cans from canned goods. Next week I’m going to show how you can make them into Christmas decorations too! I love repurposing things!


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  1. Great idea! I too have a ton of baby food jars left over from my daughter. Inspired to use them now!

  2. What a great idea! I love repurposing thingsm too! Can't wait to see what you do with the cans!

  3. This is a really great idea! The snowmen faces are so cute! I am bookmarking this fun idea, this is a super craft to keep the kids busy, and how darling these would be lining my walkway for the Christmas parties...

  4. so cute!! I am going to do this with my 4th grade students!

  5. thanks for the tip on using Mod Podge first! I will be making these with my boys too :) We made similar ones for halloween (using tissue mod podged on) I'm not ready for snow yet, but when I am, we are definately going to be making these :)

  6. super cute- i did the same think for halloween but didnt even think of christmas....thanks for planting the seed.. and the tip about mod podge first, great to know.

  7. what a neat idea..i am all about repurposing stuff


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