Poofy Cheeks: How To Sew an Envelope Pillow Case

November 8, 2010

How To Sew an Envelope Pillow Case

My couch has a few throw pillows which have seen better days. The seam is starting to give in a few spots, and the boys have managed to give them some permanent stains. I bought some Christmas fabric at JoAnne's a few weeks back and since it was getting down to the end of the bolt they gave me an extra discount on it. Of course I couldn’t pass it up and thought it would be perfect for the pillow. Please let me know if you get confused by my directions. It really is easy to do... writing the directions was harder than sewing the pillow case!
  • I started out with this 16x16 inch pillow. To get the fabric size take the width of your pillow and add 2 inches (so mine was 18 inches). For the length take the length of your pillow times 2 and add 6 inches for the overlap (so mine was 16x2=34 then 34+6=40 inches) Now cut the fabric to the size you need.
  • Take your piece of fabric and lay it the wrong side up. Fold the edge of the shorter sides 1/4 inch and then again 1/4 inch to make a hem and iron.

Envelope Pillow Case
  • After you have ironed both sides of the fabric take it to the sewing machine and top stitch the hem.
  • Now these next folds are critical to make the envelope opening. Lay your fabric out with the right side up. Take your measurements from earlier (mine were 16x16 so my fabric measured 18x40) and use them to find where to fold the fabric to create the envelope openings on the back. Take your original length and add 3 inches (mine is 16+3= 19 inches). That is where you will make the first fold. Fold from the top down. Then measure from the bottom up and make another fold. This is what you should have…
Envelope Pillow Case
  • Now sew the raw edges using 1/2-1 inch seems (As you see I pinned the edges and then sewed).
  • Press and turn right side out. Then stuff your old throw pillow in and you have a brand new look for way less!
Envelope Pillow Case
Envelope Pillow Case

Now if Wyatt spills or that sippy cup leaks I can remove the cover and wash it! I can also make pillow cases for every season. Oh Joy!


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  1. This makes me laugh because it is honestly the only way I sew pillow covers (unless I pay with dignity & buy pre-made :)!! Cute little model you have there!


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