November 29, 2010

Half Lit String of Lights

Can you relate to my frustration? I want to march right into the store and raise my voice, through a fit, kick my feet, and just have a three year old temper tantrum!

When I pulled out my Christmas decorations this year I tested all the strings of lights. If the string didn’t work it went in the trash. I just didn’t want to mess with them this year. It is so tedious… take on out put a new one in and so on. So, I decided since some of the lights for our tree didn’t work, I would buy the twinkling lights. How I adore the twinkling lights!

Well I bought the twinkling lights a week ago, and we just bought our tree yesterday (a real one) and it is bigger than the last few we have had. With our super high ceilings we needed a taller tree or it was going to look funny! When I left for work last night I gave Mike the task of putting the lights on the tree. Low and behold Mike called me at work and said… ‘Uh we need at least three more strings of lights.’ So this morning the boys and I woke up early to go to Target 10  long minutes from the house and get more lights. Well when I got home we went to put on the rest of the lights and then decorate the tree as a family. WRONG! Half the gosh darn string of lights won’t light!

Now I have to drive back to Target and exchange the lights. I am half tempted to make them test the lights before I leave the store!

Best of Luck with your lights! -Kelsey

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