Poofy Cheeks: A DIY Fall Banner by The Starr Family

October 11, 2010

A DIY Fall Banner by The Starr Family

Kate from The Starr Family is here!

Hi, there! I am so excited to be joining Kelsey today… celebrating 31 days of Halloween and beautiful Autumn! I have an easy peasy NO-SEW craft to share today. One that even the most simple of simpletons could handle (that would be me thankyouverymuch). We are talking fabric and hot glue my friends! Amen.
Burlap Banner Tutorial

The Fall Banner
What you need
Fabric (approx. 1 yard burlap/linen)
Hot Glue Gun
Paint/Black Sharpie/Paintbrushes
Pumpkin Spice Latte (I’m pretty sure it helps)

Burlap Banner Tutorial
1. Cut out your pennants. I measured my large burlap pennants 6” across the top. My linen pennant layers were about 4”across the top. [The linen layers will be placed on top of the burlap.]
Burlap Banner Tutorial

2. Trace your letters onto the linen. I chose to freehand Blackadder font; you can use any stencil. Fill in the letters with paint. I used charcoal gray acrylic paint. [Note: test your paint on your fabric first to see what fonts work and how dark you want the paint to be!]
Burlap Banner Tutorial
Burlap Banner Tutorial
3. Once the paint has dried, glue the top linen layer to the bottom burlap layer. Then glue the string across the back of the pennants (hemp works perfectly and gives a rustic look).

4. Tie little knots on the ends of the string… and you are finished! How ‘bout them apples, so easy!! You even have time to make another… I can see the word THANKFUL to hang in November.

Burlap Banner Tutorial
. . . . . .
     Oh and one more thing! With your leftover fabric, you can create a mini-version!

Burlap Banner Tutorial
I simply used a black sharpie marker instead of paint; making certain not to put much pressure on the marker (gives it a softer look). I also added leaves at the end. It makes a perfect gift!
Good luck and have fun with it! If you get crazy brave and decide to use thread, try a different version HERE!

Happy Happy Halloweenie!

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  1. Love tutorials! I am having a handmade tuesday where I have tutorials. Each Tuesday I feature a tutorial from a crafter (let me know if you ever want to be featured!) but then I also am having a linky at the bottom for other people to link up tutorials :) I am trying really hard to get it growing! :) I am also going to feature etsy shops :)

  2. Kelsey,

    I popped over from Kate's blog. Wonderful blog and your tutorial party is a great idea! Love the banner, Kate. Would look great across my mantel!



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