Poofy Cheeks: Two Trips to the ER

September 27, 2010

Two Trips to the ER

Well until this weekend I had never had to dial ‘911’ or ever rode in an ambulance. But now --- I have done both.

Thank goodness everything is fine, but on Saturday my son Mason hit his head while we were outside unloading the car. He stopped breathing and turned blue. I am so glad my mom –who is a nurse- was with me when it happened. She had to do a chest rub on him to keep him conscious. That was SO scary. After taking the ambulance to the hospital and staying in the ER for observation he was fine. He got a big knot on his head, but no concussion. (I must mention that when the doctor told us to let him down to walk around – he fell and hit his head on the opposite side and now has two matching bruises)

Then on Sunday around 10:30 in the morning, I was stripping the bed and cleaning my bedroom. The boys crawled up on my bed and were jumping and playing. No sooner did I tell them to be careful – Wyatt gave Mason a nudge and Mason hit the footboard of the bed. I picked him up since I was standing less than 3 feet away. As I started to pat his back I felt something wet. I looked at him and there was blood gushing from his forehead. Again, scared out of my mind I dialed ‘911’. By the time the ambulance arrived at our house I had the bleeding under control. Though it looked as someone was murdered in our house because blood was EVERYWHERE! Took him to the ER again and he got 3 stitches. WHEW!! What a crazy weekend – but at least my little man is okay!!

Both days my husband was at work and got called over the radio that there was a 911 call from our house. He works for the sheriff’s office – so he was able to rush home both times. I am so thankful to everyone that helped us this weekend. After all the stress I called my work and told them I needed a few days off to spend with my family.

Mason was already clumsy – but now we are getting him a helmet and calling him Bam-Bam. I think we’ll make him Frankenstein for Halloween. Enjoy,

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  1. Thank goodness he is fine. I know first hand of clumsy active little boys. Mine will be 7 and although I never ran to the ER with my daughter, I have had more than my share for the both of them with my son. Have a great couple of days off. You deserve it!

  2. You poor thing... kids are so resilient, he'll heal in no time... its often harder on the parents!! Rest indeed friend, you deserve a break... not literally :)

  3. Poor little guy--head wounds bleed like crazy and scare the life out a person.


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