Poofy Cheeks: 7 Disney World Tips and Tricks for Families

September 22, 2010

7 Disney World Tips and Tricks for Families

*As a kid, we lived in Illinois, so I went to Disney once. When I met my husband who grew up less than an hour from Disney, his family went there at least once a year if not more. We bought FL resident passes last spring, so we’ve been taking advantage of them this past month since (they are in their slow time). It has been great! Now that I have been to Disney 10+ times I’m going to share my Disney World tips with you. Please remember that I have young kids so what works for our family may not work for yours!

1. The two best times to go to Disney World are in late January to mid February (before spring break!!) and then from September to mid November (after Labor Day and before Thanksgiving). This  month we went twice with the majority of the lines being 15 minute wait times or less.

2. Magic Kingdom is usually the busiest! I attribute this to the fact that families that just have one day for Disney head here. (By the way… Peter Pan always has the longest wait times! It was 45 minutes when everything else was- like I said – 15 minutes or less!)

Mason in the pirate bed at The Caribbean Beach Resort.
3. If you can afford it – stay on Disney property. The Disney transportation is awesome and you can get from place to place much easier. I have stayed off Disney property for years but after staying on property I won’t ever do it again! The best part is that you can head back to your room mid-day to rest up or swim.

4. Book dinner reservations EARLY or you will have to wait until last minute. If I don’t get something I really want then I’ll book my second option, but keep looking until my 1st option becomes available.

Wyatt with Cinderella’s step-sister at 1900 Park Fare for dinner
5. Book a character breakfast if your kids are still excited about seeing Mickey! They do have character spots in the park, but the lines are always pretty long and the line for Mickey at Magic Kingdom is REALLY long. If you book a character breakfast with Mickey you will also get to see 3 other characters. Plus – the food is always great! Try Tusker House in Animal Kingdom, or O’Hana. It depends on the ages of your kids and how you dine but we prefer to keep character meals to a minimum because they do take longer and can be a little hectic since you are getting interrupted throughout the meal to take photos or do autographs as the characters make their rounds from table to table.

Wyatt and Mickey at ‘Ohana. Our favorite breakfast spot!
6. There is a trick to booking meals too! I always try to book breakfast at the hotel or at the park we are going to be at that morning. It is a pain going to breakfast then going all the way across Disney property to the park – I don’t like to waste park time. For lunch we usually do a quick service meal and a nice big dinner. (If you get the dining plan then you get more for your money by doing a table service meal for dinner.)

Mason in his Mickey ears!
7. Pack light for a day at the park! Remember that you have to carry everything you take and you are probably going to accumulate more while you are there. I take one diaper bag full of the essentials and put it around the stroller. Also- the smaller the stroller the better. You will be folding it up every time you get on or off a bus. Luckily you don’t have to fold it up on the monorail. DON’T FORGET YOUR PASS OR YOUR ROOM KEY!


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  1. LOVE disney... am loving your photos, too! i've never seen any of cinderella's stepsisters in the park!

  2. Thank you Kelsey!!!! The more tips the better, we leave in one month!

  3. i've tagged you in a blog award! http://howimetyourfatherblog.blogspot.com/2010/09/little-miss-blog-list.html


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