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February 7, 2016

A Valentine's Day Heart Attack Challenge with Printable

A Neighborhood Heart Attack Challenge for Valentine's Day #vdayheartattack

When I was in middle school our church did a really fun summer fundraiser with the youth group. We all loaded up in a few of the parents' cars with 25 pink flamingo yard decorations, a big yard sign and a letter. We quickly and quietly sneaked the flamingos into a church members yard and they had 2 options to get rid of the flamingos. They had three days to pay $10 to have them removed or they could pay $25 to have them removed and pick the next yard. Every three days we would go and move the flamingos to the next yard. I was telling my kids about how fun it the other day and then I had the idea to do a Valentine's Day version.

Spread a Valentine's Day Heart Attack Challenge to friends - grab the free printable.

January 27, 2016

Tips, Advice and Troubleshooting Heat Transfer Vinyl for Silhouette and Cricut

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I see you guys are loving the latest post I wrote about the cheapest places to buy supplies for your Cricut and Silhouette cutting machines. I had plans of expanding on it because there are a lot of things to cover when it comes to the many things these machines can do. I received a question about heat transfer vinyl so I decided I would tackle that first. I use heat transfer vinyl every day for my ETSY business. I have used the glitter, foil and regular heat transfer vinyl and I have tried lots of different brands. Did you know some is hot peel and some is cold peel? Yep and I'll talk about all of that too. I personally do not use a regular home iron to apply the heat transfer vinyl because I make anywhere from 2-50 things a day and sometimes more during the holiday season. My arm would be dead!! Lucky for you guys I talked to my sister and sister-in-law who both use their home irons and found out what they suggest.

Tips, Advice and Troubleshooting Heat Transfer Vinyl for Silhouette and Cricut

January 12, 2016

Travel Central Florida - Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade

I have unofficially declared 2016 to be our family's year of travel and exploration. For the past (what feels like) 20 years of my life I have either been pregnant or had a newborn. This year our baby is turning two and I'm ready to get out of the house and have some fun. We are fortunate enough to live in Central Florida only an hour from downtown Orlando where there are TONS of things to do. If we head the other direction we are 30 minutes from the nearest beach. We have done quite a few things in our area but there are so many more we haven't. I am starting the Travel Central Florida series as a way to share some of the fun. Whether you live in Florida or are visiting it will help highlight different family experiences.

I have a lot of Disney fun and tips to share because we have been annual passholders for three years. Today I'm highlighting the Festival of Fantasy Parade at Disney World's Magic Kingdom park. We celebrated my sweet Delilah's 3rd birthday at Magic Kindom in November and took time to stop and watch the parade. We don't usually watch the parade because we use it as a time to catch shorter wait times. Since it was her day all about Princesses and taking things slow we did the parade and I am so glad we did. I couldn't remember the last time we watched the parade and it really is fun for all ages. Disney parades are like no other with the costumes and performance.

Disney Magic Kingdom Festival of Fantasy Parade Tips and Pictures

January 8, 2016

How To: Wiring Hardwire Outdoor Lights into Plug Ins

I shared our master bedroom redo a few months ago and one of my favorite parts of the room are the lights above our bed. I wish I would have shared this tutorial sooner but the 6-8 weeks leading up to Christmas is the busiest time in my shop. I barely find time to shower let along put together awesome blog posts. I always start the new year by recapping the things that happened at the end of Fall.

These lights though. I found them at Home Depot and they were right at $30 each (these are the ones). They are Hampton Bay outdoor lights and were originally a galvanized steel. I wanted them to be copper to go along with the copper accents throughout our room. After a phone call to my dad and a little help from an employee I had everything I needed to make these hardwire outdoor lights into plug ins. The wiring process couldn't be easier and took me less than 10 minutes. Since I wanted to paint mine it turned into an afternoon project but they are a true focal point when you walk through our bedroom door.