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October 4, 2015

Aqua and Orange Fall Home Tour + Blog Hop

Hey friends! Come on in and take a look around my first ever home tour. Our home is decorated for Fall and I'm excited to welcome you in. I don't pick up for everyone so that goes to show how special you are to me. Take a look around and then visit some of the other bloggers joining in on the Fall Home Tour Blog Hop linked up below.
I can remember the first few years Mike and I were together and we would take what little extra money we had around the Fall and Winter holidays to buy a few new decorations. As time went on and I became more creative with crafts AND our budget I was able to fill our home with decorations to fit our style. Decorations that didn't cost an arm and leg but also weren't so cheap they couldn't be used for years to come. The past couple of years I have unpacked our holiday decorations and felt appreciative of the years when we didn't have it all because it taught us what we really wanted. Does that make sense? Things mean so much more when you work harder for them. We hardly have any of the decorations from our first few years together because they were a mix of items that didn't go together or were cheap paper and plastic decorations that we tossed at the end of the season.
Visit our home decorated in aqua and oranges - Fall Blog Home Tour @poofycheeksblog
What are you waiting for? Step on in and take a look around.

September 29, 2015

Easy Witch Hat Cupcakes

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias and its advertiser. All ideas and opinions are my own. #CollectiveBias #SpookySnacks
Hey friends! Raise your hand if you are ready for spooky Halloween recipes and fun! I have a witch hat cupcake recipe that is spooky, fun and easy to do with kids. My kids have been pulling clip after clip from our Fall Bucket List and we have been having lots of Fall fun. We decorated the house, made candy apples, had chili and cornbread for dinner and baked a pumpkin pie so far. The one thing we have yet to do is figure out Halloween costumes for this year. I like to make all of their costumes homemade so I really need to get going on figuring that out! 
These witch hat cupcakes really could not be any easier. They look complicated but I assure you they are not. I used Fanta, OREO cookies, a cake  mix and premade frosting.
Create spooky Halloween cupcakes with a boxed cake mix and Fanta. Oreo Witch Hats add to the spookiness of these fun cupcakes!

September 23, 2015

Master Bedroom Redo Reveal + BEHR Giveaway

This post and giveaway are sponsored by BEHR Paints but all ideas and opinions are my own. #BEHRDIYEXPERT

I am so excited for today! I have been working on our master bedroom redo since we moved in November. Giving our bedroom a revamp was a slow process of redoing furniture, painting the walls, and buying things here and there as we had extra money. I didn't have a lot of money to put into the room so almost everything is a DIY or a clearance purchase. Finding the time to do some of the bigger projects was a waiting game in itself. Emmett and Delilah are at the age (15 months and almost 3) where they want to get into everything and the truth is that they make more work on me.

This post is going to be a picture overload so grab yourself a cup of coffee and get your scrolling finger ready. At the bottom of this post hop around and see what the other 2015 BEHR DIY Experts have been painting and enter to win a BEHR paints giveaway!

I will warn you this isn't going to be your typical 'everything perfectly in its place' type of reveal. My big boys are back in school and my husband is on an evening shift so I have the two littles and Mike home with me during the day. As soon as I was getting ready to take pictures of our room Mike and the kids decided it was play time... where else but on the bed IN OUR BEDROOM. I continued to shoot pictures with plans to kick them out and make the bed but then our sweet Emmett fell asleep in Mike's arms and I couldn't bring myself to wake them.

Master Bedroom Redo and Giveaway with BEHR Paints - 2016 Color Trends

Some of the pictures I captured like the one above are candid real life moments I cherish. My husband is such a good daddy. He is the calm to my storm and we compliment each other in so many ways. When I am stressed or overwhelmed he is my dose of reality and reminds of the things that are truly important. When he is worked up or hard headed I don't put up with his crap. Like any marriage we argue and disagree from time to time but at the end of the day we are not only husband and wife but best friends. As I went through editing these photos I stopped and stared at the ones of them in the bed taking it all in. I am so thankful for my family and the joy they bring.

In the chaos of life I don't always stop to be thankful or appreciative of what I DO have right in front of me. I am often rushing from one thing to the next. I have been trying to live a more intentional life taking time for the moments I won't get back. If there is one thing I struggle with in life it isn't confidence, self esteem or motivation. I struggle most with finding balance and making time for the truly important things.

Master Bedroom Redo and Giveaway with BEHR Paints - 2016 Color Trends

September 15, 2015

Toil & Trouble Mini Pallet Halloween Sign

I walked outside this morning around 7am to take the boys down to the bus stop and I felt a chill. The 90 degree humid air wasn't bogging me down. I felt a CHILL people. I was filled with excitement and quickly took in a big breath of the fresh, cool air. I turned and asked the boys if that felt it and they responded with some mumbling about having to ride the bus to school. I looked back and quickly reentered my fall fantasyland.

Once the boys were safely on the bus headed to school I returned home and opened the door to be greeted by my Halloween decorations. We pulled the decos out last week as I had mentioned and one of my newest and favorite decorations is right inside the door. I made a mini pallet sign that I am in love with! I don't mean to toot my own horn but TOOOOOT! If I didn't know better I would have said I bought it at some cute downtown shop for an overpriced amount. Luckily I just used some cheap shims from the craft store and a scrap piece of thin pine.

Halloween Mini Pallet Sign Tutorial - Double Double Toil & Trouble
I'm betting you want to know how I made this beauty? Here is the tutorial but I am short a few pictures because I shared the tutorial on periscope and did the painting at night with bad lighting.

September 12, 2015

Simple Burlap Fall Wreath

Hey gals (and guys!) I am guest posting over at Domestically Speaking for part of Maryann's Burlap Lovers series. You all know I love me some burlap especially when it comes to fall decorating. I hope you will scoot over there and see the wreath I am sharing!


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September 11, 2015

Halloween Skull Headstone Craft

This Halloween craft post is sponsored by FloraCraft® but all opinions are my own. #MakeItFunCrafts
We pulled the Halloween decorations out this past week. My oldest boys were so excited they made me promise to wait to decorate until they got home from school. I pulled out our two bins of decorations and was reminded how much we actually got rid of when we moved last year. I put my crafting in overdrive after I saw the open spots that needed more decorations! Mike's favorite holiday is Halloween so he loves to have the house decorated as if it threw up orange and black.
Right now I have staged a takeover in my husband's man room. Every square inch of counter and table space is covered in Halloween craft supplies. There are skulls, witch hats, mini cauldrons, glitter, ribbon and so much more! He isn't too happy about the whole thing but he has been helping me come up with ideas so he isn't that upset about it!
Halloween Skull and Headstone Craft - Use foam discs #MakeItFunCrafts