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January 26, 2015

Two Toned Chalk Paint Vintage Desk Redo

A two-toned vintage desk redo.

I don't know about your wallet but mine is still pretty empty from the Christmas season. I feel like it happens every year - we go overboard and then we're broke and trying to catch up all January long. I tried doing that whole money saving thing last year where you add $1 the first week, $2 the second week and so on up until $52 the 52nd week but that lasted about five weeks before I forgot about it and then had to rob the jar a few weeks after that. Being a crafty DIY type of person that doesn't stop me from shopping my house for supplies or projects. I have a list of things I want to do when we get a bit of extra money but for now I am trying to work on things that I put off during the holiday season. Last weekend was a three day weekend for my two older boys with Monday being Martin Luther King Day. I took advantage and started redoing a desk my mother-in-law bought for us at an estate sale.

I am not sure how much the desk cost my mother-in-law but since she gave it to us it was free to me. I had bought the chalk paint for it a while back so the only thing I had to buy was the stain for the top and another foam brush which set me back $12.

This is what the desk looked like when I started. It was a bit beat up and the top had some scratches but otherwise it was in really good shape and most importantly the drawers were in perfect shape. If I had to give one tip on picking furniture to redo it would be to check all of the drawers. A lot of times the piece might look really nice but the drawers are broken or stuck and to me there is nothing more frustrating! A piece of furniture with broken drawers is like a drink with a broken straw.

Normally I would be more organized by finishing one part before moving onto another but I went back and fourth with this desk. My husband had to work 3-11pm every day this weekend and with all four kids home I had to work in stages. The weather was super nice last weekend so I was able to let them play in the backyard while I did most of the work on the back porch.

Supplies I used: (some affiliate links are included to Amazon products I used)
Ryobi Sander
Sandpaper for the sander
220 grit sand paper sheets
Minwax Stain (I used Jacobean)
FolkArt Chalk Paint (I used Parisian Grey)
FolkArt Wax Sealer (I used clear and dark wax)
Phillips head screwdriver
Old cloth (I save my children's stained clothes for these projects)
Painters tape (not required but suggested)
Foam brushes

I started out by removing the drawers and taking off all of the hardware with a Phillips head screwdriver. Then I painted the drawers using chalk paint and a foam brush. I used Folk Art chalk paint in Parisian Gray. The next day I sanded down the top of the desk with my Ryobi hand sander and hand sanded the top edges.

Here is a picture showing the desk before and after the top of the desk was stained. I used Minwax Jacobean for the stain and it turned out absolutely beautiful. To protect the bottom part of the desk (since I had already painted some it) I used painters tape to protect from dripping. If I would have waited to paint the bottom I wouldn't have needed the tape and could have just sanded off any area where it dripped down.
For the body of the desk and the drawers I used three coats of the chalk paint to cover over the wood of the desk. I'm sure if I had gone with a darker paint color or was covering a lighter surface two coats would have done the job. All in all I only used one container of the Folk Art paint for the desk and have a tiny bit leftover if I need it for touchups.

Once I finished painting with the Parisian grey I used clear wax and the dark wax on the bottom of the desk to give it a weathered and worn look. I used pieces of an old baby onesie to rub the wax on and off for the look I wanted. On the drawers I only used the clear wax to give them a bit of contrast.

The desk turned out better than I ever imagined. If it were a dress I would but it on and twirl around day after day. The two tone of the dark desk top and the lighter bottom with the original hardware make it fit right in with our other home decor.

We don't really have room for a desk so this is going to be put underneath our family room TV. In the spot where a chair would go I am going to purchase some sort of basket or bin to hold our blankets. The drawers are the perfect size for DVDs and game cases. Right now we have a glass desk that was left behind by the homeowners which I HATE. I found out years ago that kids + glass don't go together. There are too many fingerprints left all over plus a glass desk has no storage. I kept it while I needed it but now it is being kicked to the curb!

It seems like for each thing I finish on my to-do list I think of two more things to add. I want to build a sofa table to set frames on in our downstairs living room, a bar for Mike's man room and redo a shelf I bought at an antique extravaganza this past weekend.

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January 22, 2015

$7 Goodwill Dresser | Before and After

$7 French Provincial Goodwill Dresser Redo - Before and After pictures.

I have shared my $7 Goodwill dresser redo on the blog before. If you have followed me for a while I am sure you have seen my dresser many times because it makes a regular appearance. The other day I was going through some old pictures off of one of my phones and came across pictures of it the day I bought it. When I first wrote my redo post I couldn't find those pictures and thought I had lost them for good. She was in rough shape - I mean rouggghhhh. Homegirl had stickers all across the top, a broken drawer face and after taking all the drawers out to sand and repaint I found treasure in the form of a thong hidden inside like a nice little present just waiting for me. Better than a cockroach... I guess.

Here are the before pictures -

Almost all of the hardware was missing or broken so I had to replace it. Luckily I found some drawer pulls I loved at Lowe's on clearance for $0.30 each.

The longest part of the whole redo was taking off the sticckers that had clearly been stuck to the top for a longgggg time. I used Goo Gone and ended up sanding the last of them off.

Here she is now - her current home is in my mom cave.
For the dresser redo I used the following supplies:
  • Laytex paint (No paint color because I mixed two colors I had on hand)
  • Flotrol
  • Paint brush
  • Ryobi sander and sand paper
  • Wet wipes
  • Drawer pulls
  • Polycrylic

How I did the redo:
For the redo I first removed all of the drawers, drawer pulls and stickers on the dresser. I sanded down the entire dresser and drawer faces with my hand sander. The dresser is all wood besides for the top which is formica. I sanded the top so the surface was a bit rough and would take the paint better. I wiped down the entire surface with wet wipes (you could use a wet cloth) to clean it up after sanding. I mixed my laytex paint with flotrol (flotrol helps eliminate brush strokes which is important when painting furniture) and painted the dresser and drawer fronts. I did two coats of paint allowing it to dry completely in between coats. The final step was painting on two coast of polycrylic to seal it and protect it. For me using the polycrylic is an important step because now I can wipe the dresser with a wet cloth to clean it and if someone leaves a drink on it I don't have to worry as much.

In our last home the dresser was in the living room under the TV fall, winter, spring and summer. I love having a dresser as an entertainment center because there are drawers to hide the DVDs, games and controllers in. There is also room on top to decorate so the cable and game consoles don't steal the spotlight.

Even when we did a bit of a redo to our last living room the dresser stayed as it was. I love how the muted green color and the right accessories can go with any color palette.

During a post about hiding electronic cords I showed how I hid all of our cords behind the dresser. If it looks like this under your entertainment center maybe you should read it - wink, wink!

Even in our first house with the dark green walls the dresser looked perfect. To think that I almost sold the dresser when we moved this past+ fall! The dresser cost me about $20 total. I bought it for $7, bought new drawer pulls for about $4, painted it with a mix of paint and flotrol I already had and put on a coat of polycrylic. I have had the dresser for almost five years and she could use a few touchups here and there but it was a purchase well made!

Do you have a favorite piece of furniture? A piece that you just can not part with? I'm not sure if it is the French provincial style or the sweat I have into the dresser but she is with me for the long hall.


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January 21, 2015

Frozen Olaf Printable Valentine + 60 DIY Valentine Ideas

A Frozen Olaf Valentine Card printable.

Valentine's Day is almost here and I am excited to share an Olaf Valentine card printable idea I came up with. My two year old Delilah has had me watching Frozen more than twice a day on some occasions this past week. She sings it, she watches it, she dances and sings and her favorite part is Olaf. My older boys even like Frozen so I knew they would think these Valentine cards were a hit too. I have teamed up with a large group of other bloggers sharing Valentine's so after you check out the Olaf printable keep scrolling to see a bunch of other awesome Valentine card ideas!!

Frozen Olaf Valentine Card from www.poofycheeks.com
As we were watching Frozen for the umpteenth time the other day I heard the memorable 'Some people are worth melting for' line and thought about how I could incorporate that into a Valentine. I could just stick a lollipop on it and call it a day but Otter Pops popped into my mind (no pun intended) and I knew that would make for the perfect, original Valentine. I will warn you now that I went to Walmart to buy the Otter Pops only to be told they are a seasonal item that they didn't currently have in stock so I found these at Publix (a box of 16 for $1 I might add).
The printable has two parts - the rectangles and the circles. Each page prints enough for four Valentines and you will need cardstock paper, scissors, an exacto knife and a glue stick. If you have a two inch circle paper punch that is even better for making sure the circle part of the printable comes out perfectly.
Frozen Olaf Valentine Card from www.poofycheeks.com

To make the printables you will need the following supplies:
  • Olaf Printable File (printables are for personal use only and may not be sold or redistributed)
  • Cardstock (if printing yourself)
  • Scissors
  • Exacto knife
  • Otter Pops
  • Glue Stick

  • Print the file out onto white cardtock or send the file to be printed. I had mine printed at Office Depot for $0.67 per page (that is $0.17 per Valentine since each page prints four).
  • Use scissors to cut out the cards and circles. If you have a two inch circle hole punch use that for the circles.
  • (Adult step) Use an exacto knife to cut two slits for the Otter Pop to slide into. I have marked these with dark blue lines on the left part of the printable card. You may need to make your slits wider than the marked line for the freeze pop to fit through.
  • Write the names for to and from on the circles and use a glue stick to attach them onto the cards.

Frozen Olaf Valentine Card from www.poofycheeks.com

Frozen Olaf Valentine Card from www.poofycheeks.com

Frozen Olaf Valentine Card from www.poofycheeks.com

When Delilah saw me cutting these out she instantly yelled out with joy. She took one of the cards and ran off with it to never bring it back. What can I say - the girl loves Olaf!

Ready for more? See what my bloggity-blogging friends have been up to!

60+ DIY Valentine Ideas


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January 20, 2015

Mom Room and Felt Ball Flower Tutorial

When we were looking for a place to move in October we found out one of my husband's old co-workers was renting his house out in the area we needed to move to. Mike was away for training so I had to drive and scope things out on my own... with four kids. I set up a time to come look at the house and from the second I opened the doors and saw the dark hardwood floors I was sold. For only having to look at one house and then knowing it was the place we were renting made things so much easier than I thought they were going to be! The house has two living rooms which means I get my own pretty and almost-always clean space.
The house is two stories, a bit quirky as far as layout and larger than I would like but now that we are settling in it works perfectly for our big family and my business. I used to use my 320 degree heat press in the garage and during the Florida summers it was brutal. Now I have my heat press indoors. From the front it looks like a one story house and upstairs is laid out like a normal two bedroom with a nice large living space. There is a half bath off of the living room and a pocket door you can close off leading to the full bath and bedrooms. Then in the dining area there is a long hallway that leads to a stairwell. After you descend down the stairs you are greeted with another large living area that includes a second kitchen, living room, office space and master bedroom and bathroom. There is a large sliding door that opens up to a deck and our back yard butts up to the woods. When we talked to Mike's friend he told us that when they moved into the house it was just an upstairs with an unfinished basement. They refinished the entire basement and thought about renting it out which was the reason for the second kitchen. Right now the second downstairs kitchen has a lot of my crafting supplies and all of my husband's beer brewing supplies. He has claimed the second kitchen as his man cave so I am dubbing the upstairs living room my mom room! Ready to see it!?

The part I love the most is that the light floods in from every side of the room. I think the hardest part about this room and the move in general is that we sold a lot of furniture and home d├ęcor when we moved. Now we are rebuying and trying to fill a house that has almost double the space we had before on our small budget. 
Luckily for this room we were able to buy the sofa, coffee tables, end tables and lamps from the home owners parents (they were selling the set from their front sitting room and the sofa looked like it was never used) all for $200. Then one of my husband's new co-workers knew we had just moved and asked if we wanted two lounger chairs they were otherwise going to take to Goodwill. We took them and honestly they are the most comfortable things to relax in. I brought in the curtains, picture frames, TV, dresser and a few other things that we already had combined with some clearance and thrift store purchases I made. The room in now inviting and relaxing. Since we spend most of our family time in the living room downstairs it is nice to invite guests into a clean living room. As long as they don't venture past it and into the kitchen ((which hasn't been so clean lately)) we will be okay!

One of the things I made for this room was a set of felt ball flowers for a Target clearance vase I picked up. I bought two sets of felt balls on ETSY to make a garland before Christmas. I thought I had added my color selections at checkout but when they arrived I realized I forgot so I got an assortment of colors. The colors weren't going to work for what I had in mind but I knew I would find another use for them. When I found a vase I loved at Target on clearance - it was tall and skinny so I wanted to find a thick wire and stick the felt balls onto it like flowers. After searching the isles of Michaels last Saturday while the boys did one of their crafts I found a twine covered wire. I knew it was the perfect 'stem' for my felt ball flowers. P.S. The Saturday crafts they have for kids at Michaels are great! They are $2 per child on and they get to bring their craft home that day. My boys made felt envelopes with letters and numbers on them and I was able to browse the isles while they crafted. Okay well it was sort of a bad thing because I kept seeing things I wanted to buy!
Felt Ball Flower Supplies:
  • Felt Balls (found mine here on ETSY)
  • Twine wrapped wire
  • Scissors or wire cutters
Use old scissors or wire cutters to cut the wire the length you want for the stem. Use your hands to straighten out the wire. Peel back the twine a tiny bit and trim it off so that you can insert the wire into the felt ball. As easy as 1-2-3 and now you have felt ball flowers! 

 I can't wait to show you the rest of the house as I go room by room getting everything just the way I want it. We are working our hardest to find and redo as much of the furniture as possible. I finished a desk over the weekend that is going under our family room TV downstairs. The room that needs the most help right now is our master bedroom. We sold everything including our mattress when we moved so right now our new mattress is on the floor... Guess which room I am heading to next!?


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