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August 28, 2015

Cereal Box Apple | Kid Craft

I have a fun kid (or adult) craft to share today using a cereal box. Over the summer my boys loved crafting and painting. There were a handful of times you could have come to our house to find our entire family of six all around the table painting, coloring or crafting. My husband would have the music on and I would be trying to craft but usually refilling paint or gluing something for the kids. I love to reuse as many things as I can and when we ran out of things for the kids to paint I resorted to empty cereal boxes. I experimented with a few boxes and designed an apple box since everything has seemed to revolve around going back to school. It is the perfect size for small treats or box tops. I may or may not have had a thought to use all of our cereal boxes for the next month to create my own mini apple orchard!

August 27, 2015

Pretty DIY Paint Can | Quick Craft

I am so excited to share this DIY with you! A few weeks ago I was at Home Depot grabbing a few things for my craft room redo and I came across empty paint cans for sale. I quickly tossed one in my cart and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it but I knew it could be something cool. Fast forward to last week and I thought of the perfect use for the can. I decorated it with some of my favorite cardstock and transformed it into a really pretty paint can. Would you believe this DIY took me less than 15 minutes!?
Make a Pretty Paint Can - 15 minute DIY | http://www.poofycheeks.com @kelsalexandra
Make a Pretty Paint Can - 15 minute DIY | http://www.poofycheeks.com @kelsalexandra

August 26, 2015

Chicken Taco Bake | 30 Minute Meal

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tyson. The opinions and text are all mine.
School is officially in! I dropped the boys off for their first day on Monday and helped them carry their supplies to their classrooms before heading home and celebrating with a cupcake. Should I feel guilty for not tearing up or being all emotional? I spent the past three months trying to keep four kids entertained all day long and I was physically and mentally drained. I need school days and amazing  teachers in my life for real! I'm not feeling a bit guilty for my excitement and for all of you moms getting all emotional on me I'm not judging you because I know time is flying by and the days aren't getting any shorter! By the time I had to pick the boys up I had planned dinner, cleaned the entire upstairs and ran my errands. Can you say winning!?
Speaking of school supplies - I think those school supply lists are growing longer every year. Each of my boys needed 2-4 reams of copy paper, headphones, 12 glue sticks and multiple packages of the normal crayons, pencils and markers. Then I was reading through the packets of information sent home the first night and it says we will be responsible for printing their homework from home. I know our schools have faced lots of budget cuts lately and with everything becoming so technology based I guess that this is the next new thing. Wyatt is in second grade and half of his curriculum is technology based learning with tablets or computers. He is going to know more about electronics than I do soon. To help the boys' school earn money we have been buying Tyson® products with the Tyson Project A+™ coupons on them.
To keep my winning day going I took it easy on myself with a quick and easy dinner. I made Chicken Taco Bake which is easily one of the most liked meals in our house. Everyone eats it without a single complaint. You won't hear any complaining from me because it only takes 30 minutes including prep and cook time!! All I should have to say is taco, chicken and cheese and you guys should be drooling on your keyboards already.
Need a quick and easy dinner? 30 Minute Meal - Chicken Taco Bake

August 25, 2015

Blog Income and Traffic Report | April through July 2015

I have been slacking big time when it comes to keeping up to date with my blog traffic and income reports! The last one I did was for March! Ahh! I wanted to do them and thought about them as each month passed but time kept getting away from me. It was the end of the school year, then it was summer and all my kids were running circles around me and I was lucky to get any blog posts published at all. My shop has also been keeping me really busy the past few months too which I am SO happy about. I have reached so many sales goals I only dreamed about for my little ole' shop.

I share these income and traffic reports in hopes that it helps and inspires other bloggers. I quit my job in October 2012 right before my third child and it was a leap of faith. I have learned so much and come so far in the past three years. The beginning was a rough journey. I have never been so open about how strapped for cash we were in those early days but you guys we were hurting! Not having a steady pay check every other week was hard. There were times I couldn't get a bill paid on time and I had to borrow money from my parents so our electricity or water didn't get shut off. We bought an old car to cut our car payments in half and got rid of cable and internet. We made sure our kids had everything they needed but Mike and I went without in a lot of ways. Date nights were far and few between and some nights I would scrounge up whatever money I could just to put a cheap meal on the table. We were eating a lot of Totino's pizzas and basically living like college students except we were parents to three children. I can't even begin to express how hard it was sometimes but I am so thankful to have such a hard working husband that kept pushing me to make it work. Looking back I would say we have finally reached a point where things are working!

Blog Income and Traffic Report for www.poofycheeks.com

August 24, 2015

School Label Printables for Box Tops, Lunch Money and Notes

Send box tops, lunch money and notes to school with printable labels.

We did our back to school shopping last weekend and I went for broke. I still have to get the boys some new shoes and we are on the hunt for a Star Wars lunch box because everyone seems to be sold out. This past weekend we have been out shopping for lunch and breakfast items for back to school. I know I was fairly excited about them returning to school but I admit now it seems summer has gone by too quickly. I have spent a lot of time just hanging out with the kids and hanging on every silly thing they say they past few days. They DO say a lot of silly things. Sometimes I wish I could take their mispronounced words, their silly faces and questions and save them in a box. Pictures are one thing but then there are the other memories of things that they think up. I told my husband last week we should start a journal for these memories. I know that if I wrote down every excuse they gave us for not wanting to clean their room we would laugh hysterically about it when they are older.

Since I can't slow down time the boys headed off for their first day of school today. We get to go to Meet the Teacher on Friday and I have my fingers crossed they have fun and encouraging teachers this year. I feel like the kids in Mary Poppins at the beginning of each school year!

The one thing I always feel uncomfortable doing each school year is sending things into school. My boys ride the bus and they would loose their heads if they weren't attached! Not to mention there are some older kids on the bus that aren't so nice. One time I sent $8 to school with Wyatt for a book fair book he wanted. He wasn't able to go to the book fair that day but a big kid on the bus told him he would sell him a loom bracelet for $8. Wyatt came home so proud of his new loom bracelet but I was not so happy. We had to sit down and have a talk about that situation... oh the job of being a parent. Now I send things like lunch money, notes to the teacher and their box tops in sealed envelopes with labels on them.

Send lunch money, box tops and notes to school with labels. Free back to school printable.

I created free printable labels to share. Print the file onto cardstock or sticker paper, cut them out and attach to an envelope. I feel so much better about sending things in to school when I know they are labeled with a name. For the lunch money labels I added a spot so you can write how much is inside.

We have been collecting our box tops all summer long. Ever since Wyatt started kindergarten a few years ago we have been saving them and sending them in. I never realized how many things we purchased that had the little labels on them! As soon as we get a haul of food home from the grocery store the boys are waiting with their safety scissors to be the first ones to cut the labels off. It is a competition to see who can get them first and send them into their class. Every year the boys' school has a competition to see which class can collect the most and the teachers send reminders home nearly every month asking the parents to remember to send them in too. Since I can't always contribute as much as I would like taking a few seconds to cut the Box Tops out and send them in seems almost too easy. For every Box Top the school gets $0.10 and the school can use their earnings to buy whatever they need. With everything they are cutting back on in schools I know every penny counts!

Send lunch money, box tops and notes to school with labels. Free back to school printable.

Both of my boys have split up the box tops we collected over summer evenly and have them in an envelope already in the back packs.

Send lunch money, box tops and notes to school with labels. Free back to school printable.

Right now Walmart has Bonus Box Top products. We grabbed two boxes of cereal and a box of Golden Grahams Treats with Bonus Box Tops. The boys were stoked to get 12 Box Tops from three items! I love teaching them to save big for a bright future!

Send lunch money, box tops and notes to school with labels. Free back to school printable.

Send lunch money, box tops and notes to school with labels. Free back to school printable.

Okay someone pass the tissues! I'm not usually a mush ball but when I look at the pictures of the boys heading out on their first day of school I melt. Where did my babies go?

Send lunch money, box tops and notes to school with labels. Free back to school printable.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills®. The opinions and text are all mine.


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August 23, 2015

Master Bedroom Redo Plans

As you can tell there have been lots of room redo projects happening around here! If you are following my Instagram account you have seen glimpses of some of the projects. I completed my office//craft room area last week and now I'm moving on to the master bedroom. I put together an inspiration board with some ideas I have for it and the paint colors I am using.
Since I moved in with Mike in 2006 we have moved nearly a dozen times. When we were dating we moved almost every six months for the first few years. Then we got married and had kids but now we have still moved an average of once every two years. I am hoping we are finally settling in because moving gets old! I really love where we live right now and want to avoid moving for our kids' sake. No matter where we have lived though our room has always been the one where all the unwanted furniture gets put. I would spend so much time on creating a cozy main living area that I never made it to our master bedroom. I would resort to closing the door whenever we had company to hide all the craziness. In our current house there aren't many cosmetic things to change and we have finally acquired furniture we love so there isn't a need to waste money on big ticket items.
Here is the inspiration board for our bedroom-
Master Bedroom Inspiration Board and Before Pictures