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May 20, 2016

The Seasons Are Changing

Hey guys! The seasons are changing and I don't mean from Spring to Summer. I mean my season of life is changing. As many of you know I took a leap of faith and quit my job to stay home with my babies and blog/run my shop full time a few years ago. The adventure as I refer to it has been amazing. I have learned more about running a business and myself than I ever thought possible. I have made good money and I have also learned how to stretch a dollar when I wasn't making much money at all. I can budget and hustle like nobodies business.

I feel the winds of change now. My youngest, Emmett, sitting behind me in the pictures is going to turn two next week and I have decided I want to go back to working outside the home. I will still blog and run the shop but on a much smaller scale. My patience has taken about all it can handle and with a three-nager and terrible two running around (plus the two big boys 7 and 8) there are days when I daydream about running away. Not really. but really.

I have an interview on Monday so send all the good vibes you can! I am scared and excited all at the same time although I am using this a way to make blogging more enjoyable for myself again. I have taken on more paid sponsored posts than I sometimes wanted to make sure I could put food on the table and I want to get away from that. I want blogging to be as fun as it used to be. I want to be the realest me and newsflash the real me sort of curses like a sailor - consider this your warning. I have recently submitted some of my humorous mom and wife rants to bigger sites lately and it has been fun. The words come more easily. I had to write a 2-3 sentence bio for one of the submissions and I wrote,

'Hey I'm Kelsey and I write at Poofy Cheeks. I'm a mom of 5 (which includes my husband) and we live in hotter than balls Central Florida. I am a perfectionist but far from perfect. I'm learning to embrace all the imperfect things that come along with parenthood. Follow me HERE.'

So basically that is where things are headed if you get my drift. I haven't shared an updated picture of myself in a while so I posted the one above. It was a rare occasion when my gray hairs weren't front and center and I actually had a bit of makeup on. You can't tell but I was still probably dressed in my dirty yoga pants and favorite Old Navy flip flops because that has become what I live in these days. Prayers I get a job so I can wear big girl clothes again!

I will keep you all in the loop but bon voyage for now. We are headed to the beach for the weekend and I have packing and laundry to finish.. while my husband gets out if it by going fishing with friends. (Insert emoji with the beady WTF eyes).


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May 9, 2016

Craft: Wreath of Fake Succulents

Fake succulent wreath tutorial - this post contains affiliate links to the supplies I used.

Hey there friends! Spring is in full swing and we have had some amazing weather (with a few super hot days) here in Central Florida. Since Easter my door has been bare and I was in need of a wreath that could take me from Spring through to Summer. I created one of my favorite wreaths to date - a fake succulent wreath! I absolutely love succulents and have seen some really amazing real succulent wreaths but they look like a lot of work and money if you don't already have a bunch of succulents.

Craft a Wreath with Fake Succulent Plants for Spring and Summer

May 2, 2016

Painted Front Door Before & After with BEHR Poppy Seed

This post is sponsored by BEHR Paint and Wagner. I did receive free product but all opinions are 100% mine.

Hey lovelies! Remember back in February when I shared the before and after pictures of my in-laws house after we painted it? We gave the outside of the house a new coat of paint with the Flexio990 paint sprayer that brightened and freshened everything up. When I shared the pictures we hadn't finished painting their front door but we ( by 'we' I mean my sister-in-law and I) finished it and once again changed the entire look of the house. It is crazy how new paint on a house or door can drastically change the look and feel of a home. I always think of the outside of a home to be similar to judging a book by its cover because the cover doesn't always determine what is inside. I had mentioned that they recently gutted their entire kitchen, bedroom and bathroom and had them completely redone. I think the outside is now a much better representation of the inside.
Painted Front Door Before and After - BEHR Poppy Seed

April 29, 2016

Printable: Teacher Apprecition Quote

A teacher appreciation printable. This post may contain affiliate links.

Hey friends! I'm popping in real quick to share a teacher appreciation printable for all of the amazing teachers who help shape our greatest treasures in a way many of us can't. I bow down to teachers because they have a job I couldn't do. I'm also fist pumping the air for all of the parents who homeschool because I don't know how you do it! I wasn't given the patience for either of those jobs. Heck half of the time I think someone made a mistake by letting me work from home because on occasion my patience walks a short line before the fuse blow.

Seeing the hard work and dedication my kid's teachers but in amazes me. They are spending just as much time with my child as I do during the weekday and with all of the mandated testing and requirements that happens now I'm not sure how they keep it all together. I always wish I had more to send during teacher appreciation week but any token of appreciation is sure to bring a smile to their faces.

Teacher Quote Free Printable for Teacher Appreciation Week